The 2016 Presidential Election and Women’s Political Communion

#WomenInGoodFaith is a theological e-phlet (electronic pamphlet) that calls upon American women to consider the political responsibility we share at this fragile moment in history.

We must unite our collective political power for one common purpose: to defeat the fury of Donald Trump and his supporters and elect Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States.

This e-phlet is a clarion call to those women whom believe in human dignity and democratic inclusion, and to forthwith unite not just to elect Hillary Clinton, but also to defend the well-being of our families and the common good of American society that is being threatened by a Donald Trump presidency.

Donald Trump: The Vulgar “I”

Donald Trump is not just unfit to serve, as President Obama so bluntly stated, he is also ineligible to serve based on the corruption of his virtue–that is, his inability to transcend his selfishness and practice the democratizing deeds of sympathy, empathy, and solidarity with those whom he seeks to politically represent.

You cannot be a public servant, much less the servant of all democratic servants, if you’re internally consumed by the presence of your own Vulgar “I.”

What makes American democracy democratic is the solidarity of all “I’s” in a feeling of oneness that comprises the great American “We.”

When Donald Trump declared that “I alone can fix” what pains American society, he disclosed the disease of his personality.  He was not speaking to or for the American people–the mutual “We” as it were–rather, he was speaking for himself and to those whom similarly cling to their own Vulgar “I’s.”

Hillary Clinton: The American “We”

Hillary Clinton and her supporters represent what makes American democracy democratic.  Hillary has committed her life to the fight for universal human rights and to the great American “We,” where every human being is respected in society as a worthy and equal member of it–and respected without exception.

The Future of American Values

#WomenInGoodFaith seeks to fill the gap in our electoral discourse that has yet to speak to the fundamental values expressed by either candidate’s politics.  We do so to help women discern and contemplate the theological positions of each candidate, their values, and the political base they represent.

#WomenInGoodFaith seeks to revitalize an American women’s movement that can bring these humanizing values–universal dignity, political communion, and an economy of inclusion–to the fore of our public policy debate.

As an American women’s movement united in good faith and in one unity of purpose, we alone can decide which values and practices will prevail in our democracy for many, many years to come.

The future of 21st century American democracy starts and stops with us.

The Call for Women’s Unity of Purpose

American woman must unite to say NO to the politics of the Vulgar “I.” The Vulgar “I” is the face of a rising authoritarianism in American democracy today.

American woman must unite to say YES to the politics of social, economic, and democratic inclusion–the good faith alternative–that puts the well-being of our families and the common good of society at the center of our democracy.

E-phlet Outline

  1. A Call for Women’s Unity
    • The Political Threat of the Vulgar “I”
    • A Mutual Dialectic of Women’s Transcendence
  2. Out of Many, One
    • Out of Many False “I’s,” One Vulgar “I”
    • The Political Theology of Donald Trump
  3. Out of One, Many
    • Out of One American Communion, Many Reductive Distortions
    • The Political Theology of Hillary Clinton
  4. Symbol and Simulacrum
    • Hillary Clinton: Democratic Inclusion
    • Donald Trump: Authoritarian Exclusion
  5. Women’s Political Communion
    • The End of Women In Good Faith
    • A 21st Century American Women’s Movement
  6. Dignity Rising: A Political-Economy of Inclusion
    • The Dictatorship of the Market
    • Civil Rights Are Economic Rights

 Publishing Timeline

This e-phlet will be published here in its entirety by November 1, 2016.  We will begin by posting the first section the second half of September, and then publish each successive section leading up to November.

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